Alabama: Muslim Sentenced to 15 Years for Islamic State Involvement

🐫HONIGGA FROM SIERRA LEONE DAYDREAM: Abdul Kallon, a Law Clerk Sucked Judge Clemon’s Cock for 15 Years to Get Obama Nominate Him to Judge on US District Court for Northern District of Alabama. Since Obama’s Nomination for Kallon to Serve as Circuit Judge of US Court of Appeals for 11th Circuit, to Judge Dubina Expired, He Found a Muslim Kid as Scapegoat to Slaughter to Get There. Aziz Ihab Sayyed 23, of Huntsville, Is Perfect Victim. He Sentenced Him to 15 Years in Prison Followed by Lifetime Supervised Release. وإِذا تولّى سعى فِي الأرضِ لِيُفسِد فِيِها ويُهلِك الحرث والنّسل واللّهُ لا يُحِبُّ الفساد🐫🐪

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