🐫I Ain’t Sure from Which Incest Nunnery Trump Picked His Super Hibernating CIA Head, Gina Haspel. Democrats Traitors deceptive acts Are mind-blowing Especially When at daylight; Trump Frogmarched Virginia’s Mark Warner and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin to Vote ‘yeh’ With all the 10 Republicans (10-5) to Join 60 Million American Unemployable Trumpsters Deice Antarctica to Turn a Backstreet Nightclub Bouncer Pimp to Potus. Amazing! They Don’t even Mind to Turn the White House to an Outhouse to Keep Trump There for Life if they have to. Is This the Waterboarding Whore? Mama! Yes. She is. إِنّ بعض الظّنِّ إِثمٌ ولا تجسّسُوا🐪


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