IRANIANS Are Deranged Humanforms, Don’t Bet On Wrong Horse. Ayatollah Is Trump’s Phallus To F✡ck Islam. Peace With Iran Is Farfetched Utopia. Obama Was Too Smart To Left Sanctions Gingerly To Let Trump Screw It Up. Ayatollah Hydrocarbons Yield Gazillions That Doled To Hezbollah. Israelis Are Too Jewish To Outfox An Ass To Come Up With Intelligence! Here’s The Deal… During 39 Years Of UN Sanctions, Hezbollah Laundered $180000000000 Yearly Of Iranian Petrodollar Surplus Buying Clinton’s, FBI, Hollywood, BJP, Likud, Putin, Scotland Yard, Assad, YouTube, eBay, Pyongyang, Darrell Issa, Carlos Ghosn, Renault… These Lil’ Specimen Of Many That Could Turn You Bananas If I Continued إِنّ بطش ربِّك لشدِيدٌ إِنّهُ هُو يُبدِئُ ويُعِيدُ

🐫“Trump Reminds Me of an African Dictator, and If You Know Anything About African Dictators, the First Thing You Have to Do Is Follow the Money.” Trevor Noah Told Brian Stelter As If He’s Accusing Mama Teresa of Incset Nunnery.. How Dare He Insults Boere Stamouers & Progenitors Using Tramp as a their Metaphor. All Those Years, I Was Banging My Head to the Wall, Asking Myself How the Hell Cbs Gave a ‘Jew’ Job to a Honigga from South Africa. Don’t Worthy the Worthless. Dumbass! 60 Million American Unemployable Trumpsters Are Deicing Antarctica to Turn a Backstreet Nightclub Bouncer Pimp to Potus. They Don’t Mind to Turn the White House to Outhouse to Keep Him There for Life. قُتِل الإِنسانُ ما أكفرهُ🐪

peoples trust toronto

May 16, 2018

LONDON (Reuters) ? Iran said on Wednesday that new sanctions imposed on it by Washington were an attempt to derail efforts to save the 2015 nuclear deal by its remaining signatories following the U.S. withdrawal from the accord.

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Iran?s central bank governor, three other individuals and an Iraq-based bank, a week after U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned the deal Iran signed with world powers to curb its nuclear program.

Iran has described the sanctions as illegal and has warned that if talks to rescue the accord fail, it would ramp up its nuclear program to a level more advanced than before.

?With such destructive measures, the American government is trying to influence the will and decision of the remaining signatories of the JCPOA (nuclear agreement),? Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi was quoted as saying by Fars news…

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