🐪When You Prevent Nuclear War and Make History. WTF! KJU F✡CKED HIM. Here’s the Shortcut… Trump Needs to Suck Netanyahu’s C✡ck to Get Nobel Prize. “Trump Must Awarded Nobel Prize for Hitting Chapter Eleven; 11 Times, and Smoking 65YO USA legacy in Panmunjom.” Trump is Still Thinking that He’s POTUS Ain’t Nightclub Bouncer. لو أنّ لنا كرّةً فنتبرّأ مِنهُم كما تبرّؤُوا مِنّا KJU: ‘Did You Tell Trump About Panmunjom Surprise Peace Treaty That the Dumbass Taking Credit For’. RODMAN: ‘Oh No! Trump Is an Egomaniac Fool’. لّعنهُ اللّهُ وقال لأتّخِذنّ مِن عِبادِك نصِيبًا مّفرُوضًا 🐫

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