How to have fun at a funeral

🐪My Rant Is Too Picassoic For Their Richard Cranium. See Dr. Otto Hasslein! “I’m Happy the Witch Is Dead and I Can’t Wait for the Rest of Her Family to Fall to Their Demise.” Jarrar Shown Republicans’ True Color; How Vulnerable they are as They Mourned Barbara Bush ‘the Mother Of Loose Kids Who Brought Up War Criminals’ Who Murdered Millions of Muslims’ Elders, Women and Children. Beelzebub Must Be Masturbating on Barbara’s Graveside. Since Republicans are Unable to Shut Her Down, They Pushed Fresno University President, Joseph Castro to Fire Her. the Same Style as the Israelis Did to Helen Thomas. Cowards! Jarrar Got Balls. ‘I Can’t Stop Him Peeing in His Pants’. ‘Did you bring me Viagra?’. ‘Only Camel Milk’. Osama Died of Liver Failure in August 1999 in Dubai American Hospital 13 Months Before 911. For 2,996 People Killed Bush Killed Over Million Muslim. How Would Americans Feel Safe from Inside Their Godless Souls. لاّ يتّخِذِ المُؤمِنُون الكافِرِين أولِياء مِن دُونِ المُؤمِنِين ومن يفعل ذلِك فليس مِن اللّهِ فِي شيءٍ إِلاّ أن تتّقُوا مِنهُم تُقاةً ويُحذِّرُكُمُ اللّهُ نفسهُ وإِلى اللّهِ المصِيرُ🐫

The Confluence

Melania went to Houston for Barbara Bush’s funeral. The pictures on Twitter are hilarious with Obama on the phone with a MAGA hat wearing Trump, telling him they ordered him an Uber and it should be there to pick him up any minute now. Meanwhile, all the former presidents and Hillary, who beat Trump by 3,5 million LEGALLY cast ballots, pose for a group photo with a smiling Melania.

Then there’s this:

More Melania please. Preferably in the presence of others. Having fun. Like with Daniel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Caption it like they’re planning to meet up for a threesome after they send Donald to bed with his cheeseburger.

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