Malaysian police arrest 8 suspected militants, including foreigners — Abu Sayyaf and Islamic State ties alleged

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Peace and Freedom


KUALA LUMPUR: Eight suspected militants, including those with alleged links to Abu Sayyaf and Islamic State, have been arrested in anti-terror raids, Malaysian police revealed on Saturday (Oct 7).

The arrests were made in the states of Sabah, Selangor and Perak, between Sep 27 and Oct 6.

In the first series of arrests in Sabah, two Malaysians, two Filipinos and one Filipino with Malaysian permanent residency are accused of helping Abu Sayyaf members infiltrate Malaysia through the Sabah.

The raid is a follow-up to the arrests of Abu Sayyaf sympathisers on Sep 14, when seven Filipinos were arrested, said Inspector-General of Police Mohamed Fuzi Harun.

Police arresting the suspects at Sandakan, Sabah. (Photo: Malaysian Police)

In a separate raid on Oct 1, an Albanian man was arrested in Selangor for allegedly communicating with Islamic State (IS) militants overseas. The 35-year-old is a guest lecturer…

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