Israeli police make six arrests over ThyssenKrupp ‘Submarine Affair’

These subs are purchased by Saudi Arabia for Israel. Here’s the deal… Brittius! 800 German Leopard-2 tanks to Saudi Arabia was likely to be canceled because of opposition from Leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) Sigmar Gabriel in a party board meeting in Berlin February 17, 2014. US Holocaust zombies extorted Angela Merkel for WWII reparation. To shut up Sigmar Gabriel she called King Abdullah that 800 tanks are on its way if he includes 2 free submarines for Israel in ThyssenKrupp order. One was delivered last year and the second sub is on its way to Tel Aviv. now you may go on and suck Benjamin Netanyahu’s cock as the rest of 300M Americans. enjoy!

Peace and Freedom

Testimony from the former representative of German firm ThyssenKrupp has led to arrests in Israel over corruption allegations. Germany said it would not sign off on the deal until the investigation was complete.

Netanyahu making a speech during the January 2016 ceremony for one of the submarines

Israeli police arrested six people on Sunday amid a widening corruption probe into the deals for submarines and naval vessels agreed between the government and German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp.

In a statement, police said the six suspects were detained on suspicion of โ€œeconomic and integrity offenses.โ€

Authorities did not name those in detention, but the Haaretz newspaper reported that the group included โ€œa former senior official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuโ€™s bureauโ€ as well as several high-ranking naval officers.

In July,ย Thyssenkrupp issued a statement saying it had found no evidence of corruption in its handling of the $2 billion (1.69 billion euro) contract to sell submarines and naval patrol craft to Israel. โ€œBased on the investigative measuresโ€ฆ

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