Cartoon Of The Day!!!!!!!

🙊😘 CFR WHORE; Condoleezza Rice Fucks Trump’s “America First” Agenda. While she’s Fanatically polling “Trump”, I told Condi that Rednecks will let her drink her own URINE and munch her own SCAT so better skip Garlic and Anchovies. WTF! Now that they have. Look How Pathetic she descended after Charlottesville fuckups, Globalist Rice Smears Patriots as Racists. ربّنا إِنّك من تُدخِلِ النّار فقد أخزيتهُ وما لِلظّالِمِين مِن أنصارٍ 😘 🙊

suyts space


Given yesterday’s post, I don’t believe much commentary is needed, here. …… A difference without a distinction.

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