women prefer European or black men not only because of their money but believe it or not because of the rejection of their own men and race.the rejection of their own race is so strong that women go to the lengths to have plastic surgery in order not to look too “Asian”

The last thing “Black Passenger: Yellow Cab” are looking for is Boring Herbivore Soshokukei Danshi or Hikikomori. Diaper manufacturer Unicharm announced that for first time ever sales of its adult diapers were larger than those for babies. Here’s is some Mind-steroid-Must-Read from Marcos henrymakow.com: In Japan, a country once regarded as conservative, nobody wants to marry anymore. In Japan, 61% of single males, between 18-34, said they don’t have a girlfriend and 50% don’t want one. 50% of Japanese women born in the 1970’s have no children. 30% of Japanese women 30-34 are now single. Thirty years ago, only 2% of women this age were not married. The problem is Asia-wide. In Bangkok, 27% of women in the 30-34 age groups are single. South Koreans complain that women are in a marriage strike. Japan is the country where the situation is most dire. The birth rate is 1.39 children per woman. Japan’s population will keep declining by about one million people every year, which will leave Japan with a population of 87 million in 2060. By that time, more than 40% of the population is expected to be over the age of 65. The economy will implode. MEN: Japan is a peculiar place. Children are socialized to be part of a community, and individualism is not encouraged. This is the land of the Bushido Code, an ideology that taught the value of honor, self-sacrifice and discipline above anything else. Add to this, xenophobia and the worship of the Emperor, and we can see why Japan produced the best military forces in the whole of Asia. However, this perfect army was defeated in WWII in an event that was nothing short of catastrophic. It was not merely a military defeat, but a defeat of a whole worldview that determined the place of the country in the world and the place of the individual regarding the country. After the war, the same mentality was tentatively transferred to the service to the large companies, and we saw both the exponential growth of the Japanese economy and the arrival of the Salaryman (ganbaru), which was the civil version of the self-sacrificing soldier, who would give his life (sometimes literally) for the company, many times working until late at night, and following work with karaoke and binge drinking with co-workers. Unfortunately, Japan faced a recession since the 1980’s, caused by the growth of other Asian economies, financial mismanagement and the simple fact that the knowledge economy demands creativity and innovation, things hard to develop within a militaristic work environment. Today, Foxconn is hiring thousands in China, while people are being laid off at Sharp and Sony in Japan. Having the rug pulled from under their feet, and not knowing any other reality than belonging to an all-embracing system, many Japanese men just retreated to themselves. One of the most appalling phenomena is the herbivore men (soushokukei danshi), named this way because they prefer to eat grass by the side of a female than to go for the “meat”. They are a more passive version of the western metrosexual, a man focused on his looks, cosmetics and grooming, who wastes his time with video games, anime cartoons and candy. Some look astonishingly like girls, and surveys indicate that they comprise from 30% to 60% of young men in the 20-30 year-old group. A more serious phenomenon is the Hikikomori. These are males who simply don’t leave their rooms, don’t have any social life and usually live with their parents. The Ministry of Health estimates that about 3,600,000 Hikikomori live in Japan. Some of them spend their whole lives on the internet and don’t join their families even for meals, which are just left by their doors. WOMEN: Women always had a difficult life in Japan and indeed, were second class citizens. It is not surprising that young girls, having a choice, would not want to live the same life of their mothers, waiting until midnight for the husband to come home and watching him sleep the whole weekend from pure exhaustion. With access to foreign culture, much more money to spend due to the country’s prosperity, and often without a brother to divide the attention of the parents, these modern princesses run from marriage like the devil from the cross. It is not unusual to see long lines in the opening of a new Louis Vuitton or Chanel store in Japan. Japanese women are among the biggest spenders in fashion, cosmetics and travel in the whole world. The last thing they are looking for is a boring herbivore or a hikikomori. Recently, a number of books have been written that shed a new light on the situation. One is “Black Passenger: Yellow Cab”, which characterizes Japanese women as yellow cabs which can be ridden anytime. In these books, we find bored women from all ages, single and married, who are perhaps more easy than promiscuous, and who make a docile prey for foreigners, especially the “exotic” blacks. Anything for some passing excitement. Some of these foreigners simply live as pimps, hopping from one lover to the other and profiting from their money. The naiveté and gullibility of the girls is astonishing, only less so than the attitude of some Japanese husbands who just don’t care about the indiscretions of their wives. The easy availability of abortion is an incentive, it is in and out: most women don’t care to use any birth control methods, and some have a dozen abortions. Neither is there in Japan a solid religious framework that would curtail the practice. CONCLUSION: Women need strong men. The consumerism, vanity and promiscuity of some Japanese women can be explained by the lack of perspectives and the natural avoidance women feel for weak and directionless men. This situation is very unlike the one from western women, which is a pursuit of power. Japanese women are perplexed, and they won’t change until men change first. Japanese men must understand that the system has failed them and that they are on their own. Their situation is not much different from western men, unemployed and left behind, with the distinction that western men are less shy and introverted, and have learned to live as individuals, unfortunately, increasingly in a more selfish and anti-social way. Men in Japan should not expect reality to change. Nobody will not help them; they have been betrayed. Forget the system. They must help themselves, embrace their masculinity, find and dedicate themselves to a vocation, start a business, write and publish, talk to God, travel the world. Get out of the room and the women will follow you.

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